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Sin Of Angels "In The Grip Of Despair" CD

Image of Sin Of Angels "In The Grip Of Despair" CD

$6.00 - On Sale


For orders outside the USA, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Incredible Doom Death for fans of GRIEF and AUTOPSY. Copies are getting low, so we're putting these on sale to clear room for new OCR releases.

"Fuck yes! Now we're talkin'!"

"SOA take the mega sludge of early Electric Wizard to new, dark, and deathly places..."

"Riffs like mountains..."

"..doompocalypse of epic guitar debauchery"

"An immense improvement-production-wise, over 2005's nonetheless killer From The Ashes"

"Say hello to the crystal meth of doom" - Metal Maniacs

1. Administrative Maximum
2. Parasite
3. Era of The Faithless
4. Eta Carinae
5. A New Reality
6. Rust
7. Dissolve
8. We Speak In Tongues
9. Alone Among Deceit