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Knifethruhead / Casket Blaster Split 7"

Image of Knifethruhead / Casket Blaster Split 7"


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This could easily be both band's most solid and brutal releases to date! The two gangs hail from California's death/grind/punk underground and have been playing gigs for a very long time, sometimes even sharing the stage.

Casket Blaster desecrates your senses with two mega murderous de-compositions soaked in gore, death and above all GRIND (to keep it old-school)!

Violating you to that uncomfortable, awkward feeling that they are known for imposing, Knifethruhead illegally penetrates your ear-holes with three new harassments borrowing from almost all rock 'n roll genres. Blasting-thrashing-punk drums, obnoxious saxophone solos, rockin' riffs and glamorous-gut-wrenching vocals — all the KTH trademarks are present along with their slickest recording production quality ever.

The Casket Blaster side features cleverly executed Anthrax parody art while the Knifethruhead side is graced with ultra funny/gross art by Call the Paramedics' infamous vocalist, Shlak. The art alone is worth owning, let alone the insane cacophony captured on one piece of vicious vinyl. Digital download included for you pussies who don't own a turntable!